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Data & Internet Services

Our managed IP infrastructure provides a world-class backbone for small businesses, multi dwelling units, and enterprise customers alike. Let us find the most cost effective option for your business requirements.

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VoIP & Telephony Services

Dependable communication services from Traditional landline services to using VoicePath digital communications that expands across country.

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Security Services

Whether you live in a house or an apartment or work in a business park or building, having security devices not only help protect your property but also gives you peace of mind.

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Fiber optics can go a greater distance and have less interference with other wiring in the ground or on poles; therefore making it highly reliable. Fiber cost over the years has become more aggressive to supersede that of copper or other applications. It gives security where needed, lacking the ability to allow snoopers to listen with communication equipment without breaking the signal first.

Design and layout of fiber optics is a key element in a good network design, including distance,growth ability into the usage space, and location. In the business world, planning ahead for the next 10 to 15 years puts you in a position to maximize the return in your investment. So what your bandwidth requirements are today may not be the same as your needs tomorrow.

Florida Multi-Media Services currently has over eighty-nine thousand (89,000) feet of fiber technology deployed since the middle of 2008. We continue to grow our network and would like the opportunity to assist you in your design and allow us to supply you with the right solutions, installers, and services needed, giving you something you would feel comfortable growing into; like a pair of jeans.

Ethernet ranges from the old style 10 Megabit connections to 1-gigabit connections. Most home PCs today, used as an end point termination, don't even come close to that much communication across it, due to the lack of processing power and need. Business servers are developed to handle more traffic and normally require more data information through-put.

We can, like most bell companies or ISPs, bring fiber to the home or to the X (X=where you need it). With fiber to the X communication, it breaks up your services (internet, TV, and phone) so it can be terminated to your household wiring. Ethernet, either Cat 5, Cat 5e, or Cat 6, is used today for majority of internal wiring, as it continues to show its strengths for shorter distance runs.

Before installing, be sure to plan and before planning, let us assist you in your designs. We can assist your company or technical department to design out the right realistic but futuristic voice and data network, thus allowing more expansion capabilities.

Looking to service clients or starting your own hosting services? To get an individual T1 service going to your home or office could cost you a minimum of $200 / mo. If these services or servers can be relocated to a collocation, your cost for cross connection and rack space could be much less. Plus, you normally get more bandwidth, higher reliability, and can offer more services.

We have rack space at 19" / 21", up to 8' tall, open ended or enclosed rack space. Cross connect capabilities to AT&T, Level 3, CenturyLink, TW Telecom, and Verizon for DS1 (T1), DS3, OC3, OC12, and Metro-Ethernet. Offering 20 / 30 Amp services in single-phase solutions with other electrical options available per request.

Bandwidth options range from 1 Mbps to 2.5 Gbps and currently with our all our clients combined, we are servicing over 300 Mbps (200-250Mbps on an average day).

We currently have options available in 6 geographic markets located in the southeastern United States, which allow your services to be enhanced by your ability to expand and gain more business opportunities with other exchanges and networks efficiently and securely.

As a data services provider, a key aspect is bandwidth utilization. In relation to data services, web development for a company is key. We tailor your companies' site to the needs you request and deliver a dynamic marketing tool that will help clientele identify with your core business success. Most companies that already have a basic site developed, majority of the time don't need to re-develop the site. By adding in a few key changes, your site can make a bigger impact and keep people searching for more information. If you need help starting off a new site or just want to know if something can be done to improve your site, let out development staff helps you out.

Our website development staff has experience in html,, php, flash actionscripting, and other key development tools, so give us a call and let us see how we can assist you.

It's a free call, so find out if we are right for your needs.

As a small business owner, long runs of private data lines between two or more locations may not be cost effective because of the strain on your budget or business plan. There is a technology that just may fit your need for two reasons.

The first is to create a secure network between two or more data points. By using data encryption at different bit rates, it makes it more difficult for someone looking at the traffic to detect the actual data being transmitted. The second reason is that it allows each individual networks to connect as one big data network and still limiting the security risk across an open network.

An example of this would be a network from New York to Washington DC, all the way over to Dallas, Texas. VPN allows all sites to work together as one.

By using VPN technology, you can provide both secure and private networks between two or more offices, including mobile users. VPN technology allows different bit rate encryptions to different remote offices, nodes, and storage locations to create a big private network between those sites without compromise of putting real IPs on secure equipment, making it less vulnerable to outside attacks.

Mobile VPN applications allow employees a secure connection into your offices without the need to bring their desktop or laptop computers with them or access intranet services without being at the office.

As a wholesale, resale, and retail provider, our services can be packaged up into an exclusive offer to your sub-division, multi-housing unit, or business complex to provide your tenants with services already established and ready for use. This allows the tenant a one-bill solution for many different types of media services.

But why choose Florida Multi-Media Services over all the other providers? Florida Multi-Media strives on individual attention and our Customer Service goes beyond just providing support for our service. We even help out with computer related issues that deal with internet connectivity, like viruses or malware.

As communication technology has made advances year after year, phone services has changed right along with it. In recent years, we have seen a trend from the traditional phone to a digital phone service that runs from a computer or a digital modem connected to your Internet provider. Plain old telephone service will never be the same.

Florida Multi-Media offers competitive monthly and per minute rates; some that have all inclusive services and enhanced features instead of paying traditional phone companies for service explore your opportunities for the same service. The savings can add up but the features can transform your phones into a tool that helps your company grow.. That savings adds up to more then $300 a year and as cell phone companies continue to bring in new fees and buy out the competition, basic cell service cost just about the same.

Ever wonder what goes on while you're away?

Florida Multi-Media Services has created a surveillance solution, to capture a wide view of things. From out of sight, still and panning cameras with 20X zoom, we can find and install a solution for you.

Even wonder how cameras see in the dark, without blinding the neighborhood? It can be done using infared light sources. Security should be important to everyone whether you live in a house, own an apartment or business complex. Cameras give the ability to see what, when, and how it happens. Questions that can't always be answered by the local authorities alone, so having extra protection for your investments is another solution. Having cameras also gives you, your employees, or your tenants more peace of mind.

Have you gotten a ticket lately without the police being present? More and more intersections have an automated computer (Big Brother) watching over the intersections. Some even capture your license plate as you driving through a red light. This same technology can be used at gated access locations, depending on your requirements. Technology has arrived to view license plates in day or night, even at variable speeds. If you need license plate capturing solutions and property surveillance overview, let Florida Multi-Media help you find the right solution.

Ever have a location that needed limited access, such as a door or gate? Access control systems allow you to have control over who enters your property, with or without you being present, and with no security guard wasted in just one location. When you add cameras into an access controlled area, you gain video information about who is entering or leaving the area. These systems can be set to always be on and active, or active during certain times of the day or night.

Gated access may be for residential homes, sub-divisions, multi-housing units or properties. We can provide access controlled door gates or doors into buildings needing these security features.

What is the difference between a regular alarm system and an Internet security system?

A regular alarm system, while doing the job it is supposed to by monitoring your house, can only monitor your house. It uses either your in-home phone line or local cell towers to alert a monitoring company of any alarms or break-ins.

With an Internet security system you can do almost anything these days, from controlling lights, sprinklers, and be alerted of any issues without going to a keypad or even being in your house. Some Internet alarm systems will even talk to you so you know when there is change in the status of the alarm system.

You can, if you wanted to, arm or disarm your house or set up a schedule while your away to turn on and off lights in your house. When your kids get home, an email is sent to you so you know they are home. Another option is to have a panning camera on the outside of your property with motion detection that allows your system to automatically move the focus of the camera to the point where motion or intrusion is detected. With today's' technology you can do just about anything over a private data network, even control the system from a smartphone. Do you have that app?

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